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I appreciate it robb. But I dont have a video camera or anything like that. Theres another variable, though which I should have mentioned: When I did the deadlifts, it was the first time I've ever done the in my life. It was my own workout I did last week, which wasnt crossfit style. It was more of a leg strength day. I did 4 sets of squats prior to my 4 sets of deadlifts. I did a one hour trampoline session later that day. I understood that I was real sore since I did multiple sets of a new exercise in which I gave a lot of effort on every set. The reason I was concerned, and still am, is because I did these last wednesday, and my lower back is STILL sore. I've just never been sore this long after any one workout. I suppose I'll look up some articles around the net. Any more thoughts on this situation? Thanks again!


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