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i think i can help on this question although if anyone feels differantly please feel free to correct me. what coach meant by "retarding athletic performance" is that trying to do weighted squats befor mastering the basic movments and flexability issues needed to go in controlled form down to and back up from a good squat possition will slow down the progression of your squats. if you have bad form you will inevatable cheat on the squat, with low wieghts it does not present a real problem but as your squat weight incresses you will suffer from lack of form. you can make gain by doing the squat wrong, if you dont kill yourself in the prosses, but you will make more gains, quicker by having outstanding form, which is best achived through free weight( or i think low weighted; ie, a bar alone) squats. the same is true for all oylimpic lifting running through the motions with little or no weight will allowe you to develope good form and timming without hurting yourself while learning it. i have heard this again and again with crossfit, "to have a strong lift you need a good base, once you have the form results come rapedly." sorry this is so long hope this helps
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