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Re: Arden Cogar on TV?

Originally Posted by Gary Maholm View Post
I'm so glad that i found this thread. When i first joined this forum I remember seeing a post by you, Arden, and thinking..."man that name sounds familiar..."

I pondered it a second and moved along without noticing your avatar. Its kind of small on my screen cause i crank up the res.

So then i was driving home thinking about how i was going to build my platform after perusing a couple threads; one being yours i believe about a 12' platform with cage. It hit me. Is that the guy i used to watch in the lumber jack stuff years ago? Then i found this thread.

I used to watch a long time ago when you and your dad were competing in the same event. I would catch the timber sports occasionally on espn and just thought it was cool as hell. I remember Jason Wynward (sp?) because he seemed to perform well, ALWAYS. And i remember you and your dad because I thought it was awesome that you guys had something competitive to work together on.

I'm 37 and i coulnt tell you when it was but its been quite a while. Seems like i was in my late teens but it could have been a little later. I had a few years of blur in there

I had two events that i loved to watch. The springboard thing. I was always affraid someone would lose grip and an axe would fly out into crowd SERIOUS chopping!

Also, the one where you stand on a log and chop downward between the feet. Always made me nervous. you guys just swing sooooo hard.

Anyway, good to see that you are still competing. I'll be watching for you.


Thanks so much for your kind words. Believe it or not, my 73 year old father still competes and gives all the young guys fits. He also competes in Masters (over 55) events and does very very well. You see me, you see him 35 years ago.

In the time frame you're talking about, Jason Wynyard was head and shoulders above the rest of the competition on the STS. Since that time, we have all narrowed the gap. He's still one of the men to beat, but everyone, including myself, has upped their game substantially to meet what he brought to the table.

I'll see if I can find some really cool youtube footage of my father, then attach a recent one of myself. We have the same "energy" and the same build. I'm just a little taller and I work out. He simply worked in the woods and did hard physical labor. Nothing better than hard work to make you fit.

Thanks again.

All the best,
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