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Pierre Auge
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For professional reasons CrossFit Mobile(me) has amicably ceased operations with Capital CrossFit.

Unfortunately that left Colin the owner of Capital CrossFit in a position where he could not continue to move forward with his business model. He is now attempting to recover his losses which should be fairly easy if local CrossFitters take advantage of the opportunity to purchase the really good equipment Colin has in storage. Its an opportunity to save a bundle on shipping charges. Anyone in their right mind would take advantage of this!

I personally am continuing with CrossFit Mobile and things are looking quite promising at the moment. Several things I have changed and in my opinion improved over how I have done business in the past year+ as an affiliate. Training is picking up and I'm returning to my roots as a small box (garage) gym S&C coach. I'm having fun again and that's what really matters.

I really wish the best of luck to Colin and his family, I appreciated working with him and learning from him. Colin is a very good man and a friend and its unfortunate that this situation came to be but I feel now it was inevitable.

Tis life...

if anyone has any questions about training or otherwise they can contact me at
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