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I just started the armstrong pullup program this morning(with the 3 sets max pushups) and then I ate and ran the 5K WOD. Im heading over to the bar at the local playground(in about 10 minutes!) to do day 1 which is the 5 sets of max effort pullups.

The pushups really helped wake me up and put me in a great mood. This is not my normal morning, so I already like that.

My question is, has anyone ever done this program accurately and does it really work? I've had a lifelong goal to reach over (or at least) 20 real overhand pull ups, and therefore, I want to abide to this program as a priority.

As for the WOD's, should I modify them if they call for pullups and/or pushups and replace them with abs or something?

Most importantly, who has done the armstrong program and does it work?
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