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Re: Looking for some weightloss help

You are over-complicating things.

In your case, you shouldn't be counting calories at all. It's NOT as simple as counting calories and achieving a deficit. The body is a chemical lab, not a bank.

My advice, based on the science:

1. Cutting back to a few times per week CF MAX was a good idea. The more you workout, the hungrier you'll be. As Gary Taubes says in the book "Why We Get Fat" (which is the only book one needs to learn how to lose weight, as it essentially is a meta-review of the last two centuries' worth of real factual data/science on the subject), you'll just work up an appetite by exercising.

2. Quit it with the intermittent fasting. You're just intermittently starving yourself, which causes your body to conserve fat, not burn it.

3. Cut the carbs. Pasta, even once a week, is not a very good idea. Cut out all grains and pasta. Eat low carb Paleo, or, if you are not concerned about chemicals and just want to lose weight the easiest way possible, then simply focus on staying under 30g of carbs per day).

4. Get plenty of sleep each night. And avoid stress.

I wish it was as simple as "eat less and exercise more" but that's conventional wisdom that simply doesn't work except for the lucky ones who were athletic/skinny their whole lives and then in their older age simply need to lose 10lb. For everyone else, it's not that simple as the bank (i.e., calories-in/calories-out) equation for success.
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