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Re: Looking for some weightloss help

The formula I use for calorie tracking is:

[(Body Weight * 10) * 1.2] + {Calories working out} = Calories burned per day

You'll have to estimate what you burn doing Crossfit and add that in to your total

The 1.2 is a lifestyle factor - I'm a computer programmer so I sit on my *** most of the day, but I get outside with my kids in the evenings. Depending on your job and how active you are during the day, this number may be higher.

So if you take that number, subtract 500 and you should *theoretically* lose one pound per week. It is not an exact science so you have to tweak it until you figure what works for you.

So for me:

[(190 * 10) * 1.2] + 600 = 2880 calories/day

I typically do an hour of strength training and then a Metacon so I estimate my workouts burn 600+ calories.

If I wanted to lose weight I would eat 2380
If I wanted to gain, I would eat 3380+
If I wanted to stay the same eat 2880
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