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I know that this is a slightly older thread, but I had a down day (my workout partner was not at work) so I took the opportunity to re-do the 300 workout to see how several weeks of CF workouts might improve my performance.

Today, I did the 300 wokout a second time. My completion time dropped from 24:00 flat to 18:45, plus I think that my form improved. Also, the last time I had used straps on the deadlifts, since my grip is crap. This time I went sans straps.

The workout:
25 pullups- 1 set
50 deadlifts (135 lb.)- 3 sets: 25, 15, 10
50 pushups- 1 set
50 bench jumps- 2 sets: 25, 25
50 floor wipes (Holding 135 lb. bar)- 5 sets of 10 reps
50 DB one-arm clean-and-presses (35 lb.)- 15 each arm, 10 each arm, with no rest between sets.
25 pullups- 1 set, slight kipping on reps 18-25.

Recovery time to RHR was MUCH lower, and I feel a LOT better after this time around than the first time.

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