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Kelly, and Jeff:

Thank you for your kind words. I'll vote with Jeff . . . I like to read just about anything relative to CrossFit. I'm not posting much (or even working out much) these days . . . a whole lot of job-related and family-related issues have come together at the same time, and working out has to drop down in my priority list for a while. Maybe by middle September (another montth) I'll be on top of things again and doing the WOD daily.

I especially like to read people's posts of their WOD performance in the daily comments. It doesnt' matter how the performance ranks in comparison to others . . . (and sometimes mine are just plain "rank").

Completing a WOD is an accomplishment, and means that on that day, at least, the person doing it is getting better, not sliding downhill. (This has become painfully obvious to me over the last 3 weeks, as I know I've lost some ground.)

Reading what Kelly (siameeser) does, or what any one of a dozen or so "regulars" are doing, gets me fired up every time. Hearing what people found difficult, or the adaptations they made, lets me know how to prepare myself.

I made a deal with myself a while back to post EVERY day I do the WOD, whether good, bad, or indifferent. Having to post a crappy performance motivates me to do better (and sometimes it motivates me to work harder in the WOD itself, since I know I'm gonna have to post it). Getting to post a good one motivates me to get better yet.

I know I have to post honestly because someday, someone else from the NJ area here (outdoorjunkie?) will connect up and want to train together, and not even God will help me then if I've been lying about my performances.
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