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Re: Best way to "fit" power cleans into a 531 strength + crossfit wod program

Thanks for the replies guys - some quck responses:
- you are right about pwr cleans needing speed and getting tapped out if doing squats (or dlifts first) - will have to experiment with it to see what could work better. just really started cleans several months ago, they get sort of addicting
- currently working out at a non-cross fit suburban gym - with a great trainer I work with when I have the chance - at global fitness in stow mass...I am usually in the dark corner grunting and using the oly bar set up as others use the treadmill, etc
- squat cleans are a great idea - I am sure that I suck at those and the few times I have tried them, they were brutal.....I may try to throw those in, but would you recommend following a 531 template for those - or jus std straight sets, linear?
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