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Best way to "fit" power cleans into a 531 strength + crossfit wod program

Hi all

I think this question has been partially covered in some past posts a while ago - but wanted to see what the latest opinions and experiences are

I have been using the Wendler 531 split + crossfit wods for the past 5 weeks and have tucked power cleans in after squats.... For ex:
Mon - Squat 531 + Power clean 5 x 3 linear + short metcon
Tues - Press 531 + assistance
Wed - Short metcon
Thurs - rest
Fri - 45 min cross fit class with 72 lb barbell
Sat - Bench 531 + assistance
Sun - rest
Mon - Dlift 531 + assistance + short metcon

The wendler says in his Q&A section that power cleans are great to fit in on squat or dlift day...BEFORE the main lifts,,,,,but I would think doing a 5 x 3 pwr clean before would drain you for the "main lifts"

Just to note - my "objectives" are to increase strength in the main lifts while keeping in very good met con condition....and if I can slowly add some lean muscle mass as a result, all the better

any opinions on where to fit power cleans in....and the best set/rep/loading scheme to increase this lift...would be great

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