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Re: Fedor is a sham-wow

I would respect Fedor if he didn't spend the last 5 years hiding behind M-1 Global management and came over to the UFC and fought top competition. It is as simple as that. If Cain Velasquez quit the UFC today as champion, and went and fought on the Bellator circuit for the rest of his career and went undefeated, would you call him the greatest ever? I doubt it. It will be nice now to put all this BS to rest since the UFC bought out Strikeforce. Hopefully we get to see what Overeem, Barnett, Bigfoot Silva and the likes are really made of. We already saw that Werdum can't compete in the UFC. He beat Overeem once upon a time, so did Shogun, twice, Overeem is a roid monster now, he's great in K1, I would like to see how he stacks up these days against Dos Santos and Carwin and Cain. I mean you have to laugh at Pride anyway, they allow steroids, if you listen to the stuff Rampage says about them, match fixing was rampant, they used to promote him as a homeless bum fighting for food. If WWE is on one side and UFC is on the other, Pride is definitely somewhere in the middle.
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