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Re: New to crossfit... Cost?

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
She lies.

For that amount, she'd buy more shoes.

- Mark
- Mark
- Mark
True. I already have the home gym also. And, I've been wanting some Vibrams .

If you're going to buy equipment, I've used:

Again Faster - bar, bumper plates, squat stands, C2 rower, kettlebells, jump ropes, and Pendlay Do-Wins
Rogue - rings, 20" box (you can make this yourself)
Muscledriver - sandbag, AbMat

My parallettes were made by a fellow CFer. My outdoor setup with an 8' pullup bar, 10' bar for rings and platform was built by a fellow CFer.

Wright also has fantastic packages. I wanted Hi Temp bumpers, though.

I mean, it would be hard to drag me away from my affiliate, since I practically live there. It's only worth what someone is willing to pay, but $350 a month is insane. Outfit the home gym and use the money you saved to get private coaching or hit some seminars when you need it.

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