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Re: Do You Do Anything Besides the WOD's?

Troy, thank you for your insight.

When you mention these other CF programs (CF Football and 5/3/1), are these something I would do in addition to the normal WOD's?

5/3/2 - are you talking about Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 lifting program?

Thanks again,

Originally Posted by Troy Becker View Post
Based on your times, you are low in strength compared to your conditioning, in my opinion. Or maybe just power, though your back squat is pretty freakin big if that 385 is recent and to parallel. You will find your overall capacity greatly improved if you "maintain" your current conditioning and get your strength up. There are a million threads about this kind of thing already, from CrossFit Strength Bias (I don't like that one, but I overtrain easily), CrossFit Football, which everyone seems to love, 5/3/1 which I'm a fan of, CrossFit Wichita Falls, incorporating West Side lifting methods (I like that one too), and on and on and on and on and on. And on.

Bottom line: I'd bet money that you will see drastic improvement everywhere if you do nothing more than get stronger. I don't know, but you might focus on the Olympic lifts and dynamic lifts.
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