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Re: 20+ Round Cindy

Originally Posted by Paul Casimir View Post
Congrats on 20+ rounds of Cindy. I'm nowhere close to that after 4 months. I'm glad you posted so I have a general idea that maybe I can be closer to 20 after a full year.

Just wondering -- I'm about your size, 39 years old, and your numbers are far better than mine on everything EXCEPT running. Why? Have your running times improved over that 1 year time?
Paul, I'm not sure. I kinda just suck at running =/ usually anything involving heavy running is quite a grind for me. I did manage a 0:37.43 200m sprint PR the other day (on an actual track, different from where I'm used to running), and yes, my running times have improved over the last year.

I think it's also possible I might've misjudged the distance on the spot I mapped out. Instead of doing 400m's, it's more likely closer to about 525-550m. I just say 400m to keep it 'consistent.'
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