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Re: Hypertrophy with CFFB

I think Steve's advice is the best. I'm coming off a 10 week hypertrophy cycle from the performance menu. During that time I lifted 5x per week, with only 3 exercises per session, and never more than 5 reps per set. I'm up to 200lbs from 180lbs. I am rather surprised, according to Rip's strength chart I was already intermediate/advanced. I think I gained the weight and put on the strength because I busted *** and ate like a monster.

One of our trainees has been doing paleo + GOMAD. We follow a strength biased template, w/ one lift per day and a short metcon. Our work weights never go over 3 reps. He's gone from 160lbs to 175lbs in 4 weeks. All his lifts have gone up rather dramatically also. He is also setting new PR's in his benchmark workouts.

We have both put on body fat. We joke that we no longer have '6 packs', we have 'power packs'. Once reaching our target bodyweights, we will both modify our diets and cut back down about 5 lbs. I do not think we would have achieved our level of success in such a short amount of time if we had tried to stay in single digit bodyfat.

So again, what Steve said. Move heavy weights. Go short but hard on metcons. And eat more. More than you did yesterday, and more than you ever have before.
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