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Re: Navy Times Crossfit article

This was the first article i had seen that shed a positive light on Cf (in military). funny, today is when i finally read it.
Constructive Ctiticism: for the amount of space given for the article, good representation of the workouts: nancy, hang power clean singles, 30 muscle ups. the problem is most people i work with "train" specifically for the PRT and they would not understand the metcon "intensity" of nancy (if i got to run 1.5 miles, why would i train using 1/4mile?) and it's carryover benefits.
most of the spread was the 10 aspects of fitness. absolutely fundamental but i imagine most of "them" looked at those and said "so what? how does that help me stay in the navy?"
very little time describing functional fitness and IWCABTAMD. if a mass circulated article could explain why doing every conceivable physical movement better means you will be better at pushups, situps, and running, there would be skeptics but some fish would bite.

again, great article for a crossfitter. most casual PRT trainees will not be covinced IMO. I think if we can convince enough people to do CF that we have the number of FEP attendees drop, and we ask them what got them there, then the higher-ups will take notice. its the navy. if the captains PRT failure rate for the command drop, he will start telling other acedemy brothers or others he/she has met, then we will see more of a pronounced push towards CF
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