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Re: Navy Times Crossfit article


Thanks man. I really appreciate that.
I will have them coming out monthly in the Army, Navy, Marine, Air force(Just Kidding Air force) Times. They will all be about CrossFit and quote the CrossFit super stars heavily, like coach and Dr K Star and coach. They are all about getting the word out to those few hold outs or those that have been living under rocks in the service of our country. After a few have come out, I plan on dropping a whole big load about MCCS Camp Pendleton and its role in trying to suppress Operation Phoenix. Those are my goals and my agendas, Promote superior fitness through self mutilation with CrossFit as opposed to self masturbation through the globo gym and to get the word out to service men and women that there is equipment for them, waiting to be delivered to their units. All their unit commanders have to do is ask for it and sign a silly little form saying; yes I want this generous donation of equipment from CrossFit to our unit so that we can better prepared to close with and destroy the enemy.
P.S. Tomorrow is my last day in the Canoe Club. Over 14 years of service and I will be an active duty Sailor/ Special Amphibious Reconnaissance Corpsman no more. Anybody got a line on a job? I kept my canteen cup so that I can collect change down at the beach.

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