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Re: End Stage Liver Disease Hospice What to Expect

Warren, thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by Warren Albert View Post

Being the caregiver for a dying person is probably one of the most difficult jobs because no matter how hard you try, the patient will continue to decline and you will feel like there is more you should be doing. Remember that if the patient is comfortable, pain free and dying where they request, you are doing your job.
Your above statement pin points exactly what I have identified for myself as being the hardest part when running through the eventual outcome in my mind.

I have pretty much prepared myself and have solidified for myself what my "job" is; you have summed it up quite nicely.

The other practical matters concerning how to handle what may occur I will address with the hospice staff. As long as I feel prepared in those respects than I feel I will be able to be more present when the time comes.

John has actually taken a big turn for the worse over the last several days, so it looks like he might not make it to me. However, that could change again. The next few days will be telling.
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