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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Hi Mark and Everyone:
I haven't been posting workouts but I will try and do better. Mark, Miranda got moved to Lubbock and has the coolest garage gym at her new place. You would be proud!
Today's workout was all done outside since weather was so nice:
Run 800
21 KBS (1 pod)
21 wall ball (14#)
21 box jumps (onto tire)
3 burpees
Run 400
15 KBS
15 wall ball
15 box jumps
3 burpees
Run 400
9 wall ball
9 box jumps
3 burpees
Run 400
pull tire 100 meters backpeddling
3 burpees
pull tire 100 meters forward
3 burpees
Run 400
15 burpees (wanted under 1-1/2 min; actual time 1:09)

Workout time was approx 40 min

I am doing the burpee challenge which I started on Jan 1. Hope everyone is having a great new year!
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