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Shoulder/chest pain

This isn't a question for me, but for a sailor of mine. We are overseas and frankly don't trust the quacks we are issued for docs. They may not be wrong, on occasion, bit second opinions from you athletically minded types in the gallery are invited.

About eight weeks ago he developed a sharp pain that occurs across the front of his deltoids, really more from the deltoid across the front of his upper ribcage for several inches. It's okay as long as his arm is to his side or behind him, but as soon as as raises his arm palm forward, as if to strike a volleyball, he feels the pain. He can do diamond pushups, but with his arms slightly spread for regular pushups he can't go down because of the pain. The other main symptom is noticeable loss of strength in that arm.

The doctor suspects it's the long nerve that runs from your pinky up past your "funny bone," across the humerus and across the ribs until it enters the rib cage to connect to the spine. This makes as much sense as anything, but other than waiting a month (mid-Nov) to get him into physical therapy, I'd like to know if there is anything else we can pursue to get him working without pain and improving. If anyone else has experienced this or maybe understands what's going on, please weigh in.

Thank you.
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