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Alexander Karatis
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Dear Dave,

Sorry for the tardiness of the reply. Things have been hectic with work lately.


According to your suggestion above, they should be directly over the feet, but you go on saying that I should find my optimum angulation in order to produce the most work my legs can output. Is it just bad pulling them inwards during the lift or just as bad as starting with them pointed inwards? I´m guessing they should always be straight...

I think the wiggling is more evident when my feet are in the less comfortable of position of 12 o´clock (or close to it anyway).

Hehe...Sorry for my assumption that yaw is not only aviation terminology..(I still believe that BTW!:happy:) Anyway, you´re right, I am favouring my (stronger)right leg by that motion and trying to create a little extra momentum at the critical point...


True, one reason I prefer them over normal ones is the fact that it is the only functional exercise that I know of that works adductors and abductors so well.

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