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Re: Update: CrossFit Games 2008 July 5-6

I was actually preparing to do the Games hopper WOD last night but I ended playing around with my kids instead. I will be doing the hopper tomorrow so I can see exactly the difference and I will post my results then. As far as other benchmarks, I went back into my logs and here is what I found.

Nancy Then: 07-31-07 Scaled 65# @ 20:20
Nancy Today: 04/16/08 as Rxd @ 32:25

Total Then: 07/01/07 225 Backsquat, 140 Press, 285 DL
Total Now: 04/03/08 250 BS, Press 152, 317 DL (Im not sure why these numbers havent changed more dramatically or if they should have, but its nice to see at least positive progress.)

Weighted Pullup Then: 06/10/08 75# @ 178#
Weighted Pullup Now: 76.5 @ 190# (Seems a bit odd but it is what it is)

Pullup per minute Then: 10/08/07 11 Rounds
Pullup per minute Now: 04/07/08 14 rounds

Elizabeth then: 06/13/08 Scaled 110# @ 12-9-3 10:25
Elizabeth Now: 04/16/08 as Rxd 29:08 (Long but as rxd)

When were you able to use rx'd weight on the majority of the benchmark wod's?

Starting this year I have been attempting to do all of the weighted WOD's as Rxd. This has made for some slow times but a year ago I would not have even been able to do them. I still have trouble with HSPU's and heavy press work but unless I dont have the type of weight needed (56# KBell) I am doing the WOD's as Rxd. You can see from my above horrid times on Nancy and Elizabeth that I am much slower than I was before but its now full weight.

Have you made gains in the 3x7, 5x5, 1x7 type lifting days?

See above. My gains have not been huge, but I dont think that I have been putting enough time and effort on the lifts to get them to go up much faster.

Where is your total now? See above but it is over 700 up from 650.

What effect did the run last year have on your running days this year?

Last years run was NO FUN! Seriously, it was brutal for me. I had just completed my first 10k mudrun a few weeks earlier and the run at the games was far harder for me. My run time last year was 30:46, but I have not increased any of my running days after that. Im curious to see how well I will do at this years mudrun and the CFG run.

Do you train with others of similar ability, and how does this effect intensity?

I train solo except for Saturday's when I work out with Doug Ralston of CF Road Warriors. I think that working out solo is great except for the fact that 1, when you are alone it is much easier to skip a day or two or three, and 2, its harder to maintain the intensity that comes with competing against or working out with a partner that is going balls to wall. Furthermore, I think that if I were plugged in at an affiliate where I worked out with others for the majority of my workouts I would see far greater progress than what I have posted above. In fact, the numbers I posted above are a little embarrassing to me. I know that I am fitter than I was last year, but I have also missed more days this year than last and like I said it is easier to skip days if I dont have to be responsible and show up for the WOD! Seeing as the games are about 1 month away, I plan on really hitting the WOD's hard and I will be doing whatever I can to not miss many days between now and then.

In your opinion, why should anyone come to the CrossFit Games to compete or watch?

For the watcher, I think that the level of competition and athleticism is high at the games. For this reason alone it is a ton of fun to watch. Its hard not to get caught up in the fervor created during a WOD. Not only that, but there is a run to watch, a hopper WOD, and a weight lifting meet. Its like three separate competitions in one. Even if you have to pay to watch, it is worth the cost of admission. Not only that, but it is nearly impossible not to walk away inspired to take control of your own life and health!

For the competitor, you know exactly why you want to compete. This is one badass competition.

For the fence sitter. This is the person that I was last year. I was so nervous about entering the games because I knew the kind of people that were going to be there and they were going to leave me in the dust, literally. I did not want to get totally embarrassed. But like I said, I am so glad that I manned up, swallowed my pride and hit "pay now." I proved to myself that even I, the epitome of an average joe, with an average desk job, and an average life was physically capable of doing something so extraordinary with my body! As the games roll closer and closer I find myself, once again, a nervous wreck. There seems to be even more competition this year than last and the people that are entering seem increasingly beastly! But Im not doing this for them. I am doing this for myself, to prove to myself that I can do this, and noone is going to tell me that I cant play hard, or Im too old to do that. I no longer have to look at others and say "I wish I could do that." As average as I am, people are now saying that about me!

Seriously, even if you come in dead last you are far ahead of most every other person that you know! Get off the fence and register already! I guarantee that you will be glad that you did!
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