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Re: Update: CrossFit Games 2008 July 5-6

Yeah Steve, it's going to be killer.

Nick, give me a couple days on the guest question, and the Standings question.

In the meanwhile, I actually wanted to ask you what sort of strategy you are planning for this year (if you don't mind giving some skinny). (I've read a few of your earlier posts on the games)

Did you plan differently?
What extras have you done in addition to the WOD's?
How has recovery been? Nutrition? Any time off?

Are you part of an Affiliate team? (should I have known this?) If so, what is the strategy there?

And to really open this up: What would you see as an improvement over last year? What would you keep the same?

It would be good to get some perspective from a competitor from last year.
Michael Pommerening
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