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Update: CrossFit Games 2008 July 5-6

Countdown: CrossFit Games 2008

The second annual CrossFit Games 2008 is fast approaching. This year will build on 2007's strong showing with athletes coming in from around the globe. In addition to the fantastic performances in this years events, the Games is shaping up to be an annual gathering place for all Crossfitters to celebrate together their love for fitness.

A few important updates:

1) If you are planning on competing: Better hurry and register (like today, seriously)

2) All Affiliates: Represent your Affiliate at this years Games with a vinyl banner.
To make it super easy, standard, and long lasting, contact Greg Walsh's crew here: (The Black Box banner is awesome Greg & team, thanks)

The Affiliate Banners will be hung around the Games Campus, and the minimum required, standard size is 2ft x 4ft.

If you have a large team going, then you may want to have another 2x4 or even a Staging Area size: 3ft x 6ft to use as a gathering point

All banners should be shipped to the Games address:

CrossFit Games
c/o Castro
275 Dunbarton Rd.
Aromas, CA 95004

3) The Partnership effort is going strong, and there has been an amazing amount of support from those companies that want to join us in celebrating with our athletes. There are several ways to participate, even simply submitting a banner like above. All friends of CrossFit are welcome to submit a banner.

Please feel free to contact me regarding our Partnership Program:


Michael Pommerening

"The strength and value of CrossFit lies entirely within our total dominance of other athletes and this is a truth that cannot be divined through debate, only competition."-Coach Greg Glassman
Michael Pommerening
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