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Camille Lore
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Re: Camille the newb

1.55mi (2.5k) on treadmill.
Tried to get up to 6mph and maintain it, but it was just too much today. I was around 5.6mph. I get really bored running.

I don't think eating 2100 calories a day is working for me. I looked at my weight vs. calorie intake on TheDailyPlate and it seems that a few days after I eat about 1400 (I think), my weight goes down to 153. I'm a little frustrated that the scale isn't moving. However, my last several days' sodium intake has been WAY up and I feel fat today. I ate about 12 blocks yesterday. Oh yeah, and then there was the two vienna fingers and 4 circus peanuts. I was really having a hard time walking away from sugar yesterday!
I did about a 10 second hang this morning while getting ready. I think I'll start timing it every so often to see if it improves.
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