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Bruce (BJ) Bliffert
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Smart Phones

Hey All,

Thinking about getting one, again. I had an older Blackbery. The phone sucked, the e-mail was ok. But it was big and cluncky.

I'd like to find something at can integrate with ACT! databases, a good cross between a PDA and a phone. MP3 capability is not all that important.

For those of you who have them, what do have?

What do you like/dislike about it?

Would you buy the same one again or recommend it to someone?

There just seems to be so many choices and I don't want to go the cell phone store and have the sales person push the phone he gets the highest spiff on.

For what's it's worth we use AT&T, this may not be an issue though once we move from WI to TX.

Thanks for your input,

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