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Re: Albany CrossFit Workout Log

Looking good folks.....looking damn good!

On Monday we did One Set Fran......all the 45 thrusters then all the 45 pullups, did that in 7:00 flat. So I'm thinking next Fran I'll be sub-5. Here's hoping.

On Tuesday I did 5x 500meter row/30 GHD situps

Finished that in something like 19

Took two days off.

Today we did this mashup run with tires, run with people on your shoulders, drag tires, farmers walk, ball slams, burpees, box jump thing. It was fun.

Then I did weighted pullups, and then some dudes were like "Let's Deadlift" and I got up to 375, which was awesome but I'm sure I could go higher if not so spent.

Then we did shots of Johhny Walker in the gym.
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