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Dave, he didn't eat it.
He used it for rubbing the velvet off of his antlers just before the rut.
Supposedly, this area has the largest, most well nourished deer in the country. So much so that Ted Nugent bought some land somewhere just north of me, just for hunting deer. And during the fall rut, they can be quite aggressive. Last fall I was running the trails in a rain storm. That's the best time to actually run up on game because of the covering noise and all the leaves are wet. I happened upon a very large ten pointer who must've thought I was after one of his girlfriends. He stood there, pawed at the ground and snorted at me. I yelled at it thinking that would scare him away, but it didn't. Instead, it took a few steps toward me, prompting me to hide behind a tree. He snorted and pawed a few more times, then finally ran off. For a moment there, I thought I was in deep doodoo.
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