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Re: Your CrossFit Crystal Ball

Originally Posted by Scott Simmonds View Post
Whatever your version of CrossFit's future, what does that vision mean to your Box today, a month from today, a year from today?

How do you market your Box?

How do you price your memberships?

What services will you offer?

What skills do you need to have that you dont have now?

What people do you need on your team?

Do you go bigger?

Do you go smaller?

Do you add locations?

Do you add partners?
As of now, we only market ourselves through social media. Have been thinking some on "offline" advertisement but not sure if it's worth the investment.

As of now, we are way too low in pricing. In US dollars, we are around 75 dollars/month for unlimited training. I'd like to bump it up to atleast 125 dollars, initially I just went with what alot of other CrossFit Affiliates in the area have.

Our first goal is finding another facility so that we can grow and increase our class times. Then we can add on more services like mobility, nutrition and the likes.

Skills I feel I need but don't have now definently includes marketing. Marketing is key for a succesfull business. Other skills would include more knowledge of accounting, cold-calling and stuff like that.

People I would love to add to my team would be someone really good at taking photos, editing, video and stuff like that who could also jump in as a coach from time to time.

I do not see myself partnering with anyone just cause I like to have complete controll over the business.