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Re: Veronica's Workout Journal

Thanks Samantha!!!!

Camille - The funny thing is... I started doing them and then I had a WTF moment, which is why I only did 2 sets.

Tuesday AM
Was up all night with a sick dog. I got very little sleep. I was still half asleep when I got to the gym, so I'm just really proud of myself for doing something... something is better than nothing.

Bulgarian Split Squats
45 x 10, 10
55 x 10, 10

Good Morning
95 x 10 x 3 sets

Glute Ham Raises
15, 15
25 lbs x 10

Hanging Leg Raises
10 x 3


21-15-9-3 for time (The Pack)
Handstand Push-ups (feet on Smith)
Tuck pull-ups

Time - 10:19

Toes to Bar
5, 5, 5 (Slow reps)
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