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Bert's Crossfit Journal

Since I've decided going all the way with Crossfit, I might as well start a log here.

I'm fed up with being injured from training heavy all the time and feeling like an old man, while I'm actually still a young guy.

But, as Indiana Jones said: "It's not the age, it's the mileage."

A little background ...

I'm 23 years old and have been training around 9 years with weights, together with 3-4 years of athletics(mostly mid-long distance).

Picture of my handsome bloated face here:

For the last 5 years I've trained with powerlifting as my main goal.

I've integrated Crossfit into my training about 5 years ago as well, but never followed the WOD precisely. I had a lot of success on 3 days a week with a hybrid-Defranco-ish training, and 2 days a week a Crossfit-like training, often with some strongman elements and hill sprinting.

Best lifts and accomplishments, bodyweight varies between 75 and 78 kilos @ 5'8:

Olympic Deep Squat: 190 kilos (belt)
Conventional Deadlift: 250 kilos (belt) (video:
Powerlifting Squat to competition depth: 235 kilos (belt + knee wraps)
Front Squat: 150 kilos
Power Clean: 105 kilos
Power Jerk: 100 kilos
Bench Press(another reason I like Crossfit - you don't give a damn about this): 125 kilos
Weighted Dip: bodyweight + 75 kilos
Weighted Chin: bodyweight + 50 kilos, max around 18-20 chinups
100 meter sprint: 10.97

I've been dealing with injuries since day one, the most persistent one being knee problems, for which I had part of my left meniscus surgically removed 3 years ago. I'm dealing with it quite well at the moment, if I'm wise and do my mobility/stretching/prehab stuff.

Since I've always seen myself more like an all-round athlete instead of a powerlifter, and that I've always felt much better when doing Crossfit, I'm going all the way this time.

I'll still integrate some heavy gutsy work on top of some WOD's, but try to keep my volume of the entire training down in general(I'm somewhat of a heavy + volume junky, known for my 20+ set squat workouts).

Trying to get in my best shape ever. So far I've lost 2.5 kilos(5.5 pounds)and I'm feeling and looking much better.

If there should ever be a Crossfit Game near me, I want to be a serious threat .

I'll gradually switch to a typical WOD, while working on my weak points.
(squat clean, muscle-up and kipping pullup, mainly)

Anyway, enough talk.

(all weights in kilos)

Monday @ Stagger Lee's

Mobility circuit

Weighted Dips
@ 45 sec between sets

BW x 15
BW + 20 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5
BW + 30 x 5

Sandbag Clean&Press

30 x 5
40 x 5
50 x 5
50 x 5
50 x 5

Kettlebell Circuit

16 kg One-Arm Snatch 5 per arm
16 kg One-Arm Clean&Press 5 per arm
24 kg One-Arm High Pull 10 per arm
24 kg Squat 21 - 15 - 9
24 Kg Swing 21 - 15 - 9

1 one warm-up circuit
3 circuits all-out on A Whole Lotta Rosie

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