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Re: "MMA Strength-Endurance Training - Be Stronger...Longer"

To me, it seems like scaling depends on your needs, as are all the things you mentioned in your original post. The good thing about crossfit is that it mixes all of those elements, and some more, in good ways. It's been discussed before (try searching), but it seems to me if you can do Fran in blazing fast time and you don't think it's possible for you to improve your time at a given weight, you should probably scale up, to increase your power output. Then, when you can't improve your time anymore with the heavier weights... scale up more! Check your official times every so often if you want, but to me, if you're times are blazing fast, and you can't improve them by going faster.. add more weight.. you'll get stronger in all regards for it. This sounds a lot like what some people think for scaling down.. hmm...
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