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Re: "MMA Strength-Endurance Training - Be Stronger...Longer"

Furthermore, although I appreciate the respect you show and your acknowledgement that this is all provided without charge, part of what that means is that yes, you have to do your own research. Yes, you have to read a lot, and think about what you read to decide if it applies to you. You may (or, more likely, will) have to do some experimentation with your own body to find what is best for you.
of course, i respect and i will continue respecting. I think that CF is one of the best things since cocacola was invented :-).

The issue of how fast is "fast enough" in a Fran (i.e., under what conditions should you add weight) has been discussed multiple times here . . . a recent thread about the "intent" of Fran shows off the diversity of thinking. (This subject generates *lots* of very different opinions, by the way .) There are some who believe that occasionally doing a "Fat Fran" (heavier weights) is a good idea (even if it slows you down). There are others who argue that the best application of that workout is "fast and furious", so you should scale down the weight until you can complete that first round of 21 reps in the same oh-so-quick time as the top performers (90 seconds or less). So, yeah, you gotta research, and, ultimately, decide for yourself. There are no "CrossFit Police" (or Guardia Civil) who will come to your gym and tell you to stop doing it the way you want to.
Is not about deciding by myself. I am asking this questions because if someone (CrossFit founders) "have invented" a system like this, where you are able to train three kind of training (phosphagen(power), glycolic(strength endurance) and oxidative(aerobic/endurance)), mix of all them with metcons, tabatas, giving importance to gymnastics elements, etc. and at the end, this system is working, its because i am sure they have answers to this questions. I dont want opinions from people like me in a forum, that are not experts and dont have a background preparation like you.

I mean, i am only asking to really experts what would happen if you scale up in, for example, "Fran", if you are in an amazing level where you have reach a top level. Are the goals of CF the same goals of an 100 meters athlete? i mean, that you have to work, and is a must, improving TIMES using the same variables (in a 100m athlete, the static variable are the meters; in CF, are the reps and weights in "Fran" in this example).

That is the only doubt i have. There are no doubtings about CF. Dont feel i am attacking the system, the community or something else. Is the opposite. Just want to clear my thoughts. When i do something, i try to understand it until the end. I am not use to practice a "system" as a black box. Just it.

And, for what it's worth, Fran has the absolutely lovely property that it has one component that favors the "big guys" (thrusters at a specified weight of 95 pounds), and one component that favors smaller, lighter people (pullups). So your question about "is it fair" for people of different sizes tend to not matter much, in the long run.
But this kind of information, for example, that "Fran" is designed for both kind of bodies, is not writen anywhere. As you can see, i have need to ask quetions and wait for the answers. For example, why "Fran" was designed using 95lb for thrusters? Are you working a different goal if you use less weight or more weight from which was designed initially? I dont need an explanation. Just giving an example that there are no answers for people like me that likes to know what are they doing 100%.

The idea that you needed to be told "officially" about scaling up (or down) before you could do it is, well, amazing.
Is not amazing at all. You are giving a wod each day "officially". I mean, a wod that is designed by experts. If experts recommend to scale down for begginers or use another weights/reps/time for girls or grandfathers, is not amazing about asking for officially advices to scale up.
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