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"MMA Strength-Endurance Training - Be Stronger...Longer"

Here i post an article written in mmaweekly. Its about how to obtain pure strength + endurance. The article says that is very good train for 1RM because you are always improving your strength, but for real sports, like mma, is more important being strong during longer periods of time than only during some seconds like the 1RM kind of training.

The method is very clear if you read the article. He advises doing it as a complement to your normal SS training. The resume is:

Strength-Endurance = Heavy Weights + Short Rest + Volume (high series)

At the end of the article, the writer says: "in other words, I was performing 30 reps with roughly 85% of 1RM in just under five minutes. Do a workout like this with 3-4 exercises, and look how much heavy lifting you’re doing over an extended period of time."

It looks a bit similar to what we train in CF, but without the metcon characteristic. I mean, trying to practice in less time each time, the more reps possible at the max weight possible too.

Is my analysis right? Or the goals of this 'system', method or whatever you want to name it, are totally different to CF goals.

Sorry if i repeat, but is a pity that in CF (is the only lack of i am noticing) we don't have a path where we can track our improvements, like, for example, applying this method. In CF we are always using the same weights, so the only data we can improve is the TIME, in stead of the WEIGHT.

What happen if an athlete is able to do FRAN in a super record time? shouldnt we start to think about entering a new level of CF training for this athlete and scale up the wod (weight or reps depending of the exercise) to continue improving? If not, the athlete will enter a phase where he will get stacked improving only some seconds each time. There is something here that i still don't understand. Perhaps is my mentality that is used to systems where you can track data.

I am continuing practicing CF and i will continue in the future, because is giving me the best results adapted to my way of life (normal worker), but my brain is starting to be full of information and lot of goals i think are impossible to achieve to improve:

Max Effort training (ME)
Dynamic Effort training (DE)
Endurance-Strength training
plyometric training
complexes and block periodization
metabolic conditioning training (High Intensity Interval Training HIIT)

is endless ... :-)

i didn't know before that conditioning was going to be a new world like this :-)
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