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Re: Increasing the volume of your workout.

Originally Posted by Tye Sydnor View Post
So I'm trying to figure out if I'm ready to increase my workouts from 1 to 2 a day. I currently am doing 5 days from 6am-7am. My issue is over the last 2-3 weeks around 5pm I'm ready to go at another #WOD. My recovery isn't 100 percent by 5pm but I want to at least work on my lifts and some of the technical movements. Is my body telling me that it may be time to start 2 workouts a day? What are some of the other signs. Is it safe to do workouts outside of your coaches programming?
When you say "your coach," do you mean just the owner of the affiliate you go to? Or somebody that actually programs for your goals?

Feeling generally recovered doesn't mean you need to do another workout necessarily. As Cody says, recovery is when your body actually makes improvements. Beating yourself down all the time takes away that recovery. This is not to say that doing doubles is a bad idea if they are intelligently programmed. Just that the goal shouldn't be to feel tired all the time.
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