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Re: McMinnville, Oregon Workout Results in Injuries 24 Athletes

We are new CrossFit affiliates in McMinnville where the McMinnville High School football boys were hurt. Coincidentally we were in the ER the night the Football boys were in there. My 2 yr old had a case of nurse maids elbow. I must admit that when I first heard about what happened my initial thoughts were “What the hell was that coach thinking?” immediately followed up by the thought of “hang on, before you judge find out the details…I’d hate to be in that coaches shoes!” After talking to some docs…one being a member at our BOX the consensus is that there was something else that contributed to this situation. Due to Hipa violations I, nor will the public, ever find out the whole story but again “the consensus” is that there was something “weird” with this case. Absolutely, we must be sooo careful especially with our kids! Unfortunately cases like this can hinder us trainers from training our athletes to their full potential. I hate to see another trainer, coach etc get a bad rap I said, I'd hate to be in that coaches shoes.
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