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Carina McDonald
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1 Month

Started CF in May 2010 so I'm still a "newbie" but thought I'd share how 1 month of Crossfit & a dialed in zone-influenced diet (no grains, no gluten, just meat, veggies, fruit and nuts, balancing out protein, fat and carbs) has impacted my body:

June 2010
26.5% Bodyfat
125 LB Lean Body Mass
-Piriformis syndrome, shin splints, bad popliteal muscle, plantar fascia, Grade 2 Whiplash injuries through mid and upper spine, back spasms, chronic headaches
-Prescriptions for muscle spasms, anti-inflammatories & chronic heartburn

July 2010
19.5% Bodyfat
135 LB Lean Body Mass
Dramatic improvements on caliper measurements (suprailiac from 15 to 7)
-Piriformis syndrome dramatically improved, no more shinsplints, popliteal a thing of the past, plantar fascia improving, no more headaches, back spasms have gone from daily to once a week. HUGE strength improvements.
-No more prescriptions, no more heartburn

Next week will be doing Murphy Challenge - will be great to compare times to when I first did it (May 2010)

Am taking progress photos once a month, so once I hit 6 months will post 'em up!
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