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Re: Sound System

A word on pro speakers (e.g JBL) vs. home-style (e.g. Polk) speakers:

Pro speakers are way more sensitive (i.e. loud) than home speakers, often getting as much as 100db for 1 watt of power vs 85db for 1 watt for typical home speakers. (Every increase of 3db requires a doubling of the wattage. A speaker with an 89db sensitivity requires twice the power as 92db sensitivity to get the same loudness.) This makes pro speakers much cheaper than say, buying huge amplifiers and lots of home speakers. Pro speakers achieve efficiency because their materials are stiffer, which requires bigger boxes. It's simple physics. If you want low, thumping bass you need either big, stiff, sensitive speakers or small, soft, inefficient speakers. Pick big and stiff.

Pro speakers can also typically can handle more power, meaning you're less likely to blow your speakers the first time you take them outside and try to pump everyone up with some ear-shattering metal.

Love my JBLs. I've had good luck with Electo-Voice as well. I've blown many cheap speakers in my day. I gave my brother some cheap little monitor speakers back when he was playing in the Army band and he managed to catch them on fire.

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