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Re: There is no try. Do or do not.

Originally Posted by Liam McKarry View Post
I know this is a bit naff but this thread had set me thinking. Here is a bit of a personal confession!

I knew it was time to snap out of diet fixation when I started comparing the calories in servings of Ketchup and looking at the size of apples. I was looking up every component of every meal on fitday and counting blocks like my life depended on it.

What's odd about this I hear many people asking - that's being committed (but in my opinion likely to get me committed!)?

I started out at a BF of about 12% and had a sub 5 min Fran time, 30+ pullups etc so really didn'y need to be too concerned but (and again in my opinion) due to getting to hung up on 'CF + Zone or Paleo' ideas I started to develop an eating disorder - I'm blaming nothing but my obsessive personality traits for this. The inclusion of Zone/Paleo (I tried both) screwed me up even when applying the eat more fat principle (5xfat) my times started going up rapidly, I was tired all the time and generally felt like I was falling to pieces - sometimes I felt transparently thin, then I started getting coughs and colds etc after having spent years not getting sick.

I think a large number of people reading these threads need to look at why they're doing things with their diets - is it because you want to improve your life or because it's 'the thing to do' as rxd?

My view now? I like the 'easy zone' model - get a piece of meat that's about the size of your open palm and then fill the rest of the plate with veggies. Occasionally as part of those veggies I throw in a sweet potato or even a regular white spud. I think the key is being balanced in it - eat what is good for you but don't be scared of treating yourself and for heavens sake will a splash of milk in a cup of coffee actually be that much of an impact on weight/performance? If it is, it's probably time to cut down on the coffee.

Oh and I also eat pasta and pizza from time to time - my CF times are still improving and I feel happy and healthy.
Well said!
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