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Re: TUF 10 - heavyweights

Originally Posted by Christopher Delgado View Post
I will say that every interview Ive ever seen Kimbo do he has been pretty articulate and humble. Now it could all be an act, but I have no reason to believe otherwise. Definitely pulling for Kimbo and I will be back stateside soon so I can actually watch some more MMA, TUF and otherwise!!
I was watching last wednesday's show last night (gotta love the DVR, yo) and was thinking the same thing.

My prior experience with Kimbo is basically watching him on Youtube smacking dudes around in a backyard. I realize this comes off a bit prejudiced or something but purely based on that I kinda thought he would come off as a thug from the hood but it's quite the opposite. I dare say he's eloquent? I can't say how good he's going to do on the show but I'm excited to see what happens tonight!
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