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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Marcus -- thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I was doing with the DL --> first and second sets were too close the the PR set the prior week. In a very early post, Kempie spelled this out but, unfortunately, I read the post only last night. I had backed off the SP working sets (by happenstance) 3 x 135; 3 x 145 and then an attempt at a PR. Maybe I should back these off even more.

Andrew -- thank you too for the reply. I'm able to do the movements you listed in your link, some quite a bit better than the minimums (HSPU, kipping pulls, L-sit, squat cleans, snatch)...and another just barely above minimum (parallette HSPU F.R.O.M. x 2). Surprised? Not really, since my SP 1RM is 175 and BWt is 162. I rarely use parallettes, however, because it cause me to place my hands further apart than I like --> seems like I work the triceps more than the shoulders.
In terms of actually doing these, I try to incorporate L-pullups, power cleans, HSPU's and kipping pulls into my metcons each week. This wasn't intentional, I just like doing them. I sometimes do handstand holds for 1 min at a time x5 following a workout, but have not done this since starting CFSB.

Perhaps dense, I'm not certain what you're getting at here. Are you saying I should do more of these movements...maybe less of them? I will say that HSPU's are typically incorporated on DL day to avoid conflict with SP day.

Thanks Again Guys,
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