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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by S. Kyle Smith View Post
quick question that I haven't seen/found answered yet:

on deadlift, I can handle a considerable amount more with a mixed grip than I can using the hook grip. I've also read that the hook is a more "preferred" grip since it translates well into heavier loads on lifts like the clean and snatch. when I start my CFSB cycle, should I use the hook grip and go lighter on the weight to build that up or should I stick with the mixed grip and go for the big weights? or maybe a compromise, use the mixed grip for the ME and use the hook grip on the high rep sets?
Originally Posted by Eddie Watts View Post
double over hand and hook grip are not the same thing though.

i think?!
right- hook grip notes the pinning of the thump with the other fingers. Grip had always been my limiting factor on DL. I have exceedingly small hands for a guy(watch it). I dedicated myself to getting comfortable with the hook grip and now only have to go switch on my 1 RM lifts. This I believe is more mental than anything else.
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