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During Track and Field when I mainly competed PoleVaulting ( badly ), I would run sprint sets as conditioning. As well, just to keep more active during the meets, I would run short distances ( in the mid to end coming in ) and long distances for the hell of it.

My set would go something like this:

Run 100, walk 100 or for a brief period or to the next mark. Run 200, ditto, 300 sometimes skip to 400 ( Now is when it gets hard ). 600, sometimes skip to 800.
Go back down. Go back up. Go back down. Go back up. Go back down.

I considered 1mi a distance event since I wasn't sprinting. 2mi definitely was besides being 8 laps around the track ( boring! ). 400 and 800 were just somebody's interesting ideas of mixing and matching sprint and distance to horrendous results.
Doing this, every day; I never had problems running 5-20mi on weekends.
By no means was I placing in the distance events ( or any for that matter ) but my times were as follows:
40, 4.8 or 4.9
100- right under 12 at best.
200- mid 24s to 27.
400- I broke 52sec once. Usually I was more in the mid 55s when I was on with some really crappy 400s at over a min. SLOW.

800- I mighta broke 2:20. This race usually caused much collapsing and dry heaving about 50 feet from the end for about 15 min. It got messy though sometimes. And always it seemed it took about 15 min to be functional and go into a semi-comatose state. Heat didn't help.

1 mi- above 5min ( which meant getting lapped by the placers ) to 6 and a half. erratic
2 mi- best around 1130 to 13 on a crappy run. Setting pace and not getting bored is a big issue.

5 miles, Just above half an hour.
10 miles, 1:15 to 1:30
15-25 miles. Never really timed these.
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