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Re: Official TypePad Users Thread

Originally Posted by Dale Ryan Thompson View Post
How did you integrate google checkout into the main weblog and not as a typelist on the side? I need to get this up and running because checks and cash are driving me crazy. Thanks.

I made it a separate page. Once you're in your weblog page on Typepad, on the right below "create a new post" is "create a new page" -- create one and then add the code. You can create the page in rich text and save it but before you add the HTML code for the Google buttons, make sure to switch to plain text ("Change the display of this page" on lower right) or you will lose the values inputted on the Google page.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask again if it stymies you. Good luck!

(And Ryan, love the latest entry on your blog -- your words really capture the excitement of being a CrossFit affiliate.)

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