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Re: Help fill in standards for Named workouts

In light of Greg Amundsen's Elizabeth video today, I contend that 4:00 as elite for this WOD is setting the bar a bit too high. If Greg isn't an elite CrossFitter, who is ? Especially considering that he did a faster version using power cleans and still didn't qualify. Likewise, I agree with some prior posts that for Diane, Elizabeth, and Fran, 20:00 as rx'd would be better than you could expect from a well-rounded beginner. I struggle with these girls more than most, but I consider myself better than a well-rounded beginner, albeit old (48) and small (149). For some of the bodyweight WOD's (Cindy, Mary) I am close to or in the advanced category (per the chart), whereas, my Elizabeth and Diane times, as rx'd, would be in the 18:00 to 20:00 range, although I did knock out a sub 7:00 Fran this week. This may just reflect my particular weaknesses (moderately heavy weights at high reps). Great project, though. I heartily encourage it.
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