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It's funny how words make all the difference among professionals. In construction there is a similar confusion when guys talk about equipment, sometimes they name them according to the most popular manufacturer of a certain type of equipment (i.e., a Hilti, JLG, Spider, etc.), at other times they refer to only what the piece of equipment does (i.e., scissor lift, boom truck, impact gun, etc.), and then there are specialty names given to equipment which certain trades have special affinity or hatred for (the helldog for example). The same is true in MMA, and I think that guys in different disciplines will always want to defend the hearth & home of their respective schools and the terms of art used therein. With that said, it's all the same, and I find as a spectator I like the clarity of a commentator who uses the most readily discernible term to describe a specific attack, though many fans today are able to differentiate between the different terms used by different disciplines. No matter, what you said is always true, in the end the term doesn't matter only its practical application.---Just some additional fodder!!
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