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Re: Using Assault Air Bike during classes

Originally Posted by Poujade Baptiste View Post

I'm a new Affiliate and I'm buying 2 Assault Air Bike.
How can I use it during classes for Skills or Warm-ups ?
Do you use it ?

Thanks for all

Baptiste POUJADE
We use ours routinely by creating circuits. It really depends on class sizes and how you program, but here are some ideas:

3 minute max calorie test for a workout - with 12 people in a class it will take less then 20 minutes to get through everyone and the other four people waiting at each bike can encourage the person performing the test.

Intervals: 1:30 on / 2:30 (or another number that makes sense) so someone else is working while they rest.

As a station in a fight gone bad style workout. If your limiting equipment is 2 and your max class size is 12 you need 5 stations and a rest station (2 people at each of 6 places), make the bikes the first thing after the rest. Thsi can be done stagger start, or each group starting at one station.

As a buy in to an AMRAP or chipper. Start on a running clock, put 2 people through, whatever buy in, and then start 2 more people a minute or two later, and again with the next pair, etc.

Take your entire class and split it into 3 groups and have 3 pieces for the day. Airbike is one station, acessory work for another, strength or a mini wod for the other. Rotate through every 15 minutes.

Use it as a better sub for running instead of rowing in a workout for someone who can't run for some reason.

Just some ideas.
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