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Re: When do you wash your clothes ?

Originally Posted by Adam Zelenay View Post
I usually train later at nights, either at 5 or 7 p.m. , come home, manage to quickly dry out the stuff on the balcony, so i can shove it back in my bag in the morning. Since i train almost every day, i just change the towels but dont seem to have time to wash my shorts or shirt. Just wondering, when do u wash your clothes ?
I sweat like a whore in church on Sunday, so I don't ever re-wear anything. When the laundry is full (or I'm running out of workout clothes) it's time to fire up the washer. I have at least a dozen different pairs of shorts I wear, and twice as many t-shirts, so I could conceivably almost make it two weeks without washing. I always lay things out to dry before tossing them in the laundry hamper though; otherwise the smell is just unbearable after a few days.
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