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Re: Dumped a Squat Clean in a Globo Gym

Hang cleans will help. But I really think you have to get your butt down further through the first pull. You're letting your hips get too high up before the bar gets past your knees, which is what is getting the bar away from your body.

I sound like a broken record saying that on almost every clean video posted on here, but that's really the most common problem I see, whether on the boards here or at actual CF gyms I've been to.

To continue with the lift, we've established the bar gets too far away from you. This makes you miss full extension by a lot. Then, the bar crashes on you a little in the catch and you can't hit the bounce out of the hole.

You definitely have fast elbows for sure. Actually, it looks quite a bit like mine used to (wfs, from January). So you can take some comfort that those things are fixable - my thighs can attest that the bar hits them, sometimes a little bit too hard!

Jerk needs work but I'd get the clean down first.

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